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New 2015 Hyperlite Destroyer Mens Wakeboard Package with Agent Bindings

New 2015 Hyperlite Destroyer Mens Wakeboard Package with Agent Bindings

New 2015 Hyperlite Destroyer Mens Wakeboard Package with Agent Bindings    New 2015 Hyperlite Destroyer Mens Wakeboard Package with Agent Bindings

HYPERLITE DESTROYER WAKEBOARD PACKAGE WITH BINDINGS. Hyperlite Wakeboard Destroyer : 2015 welcomes one of the best all over boards Hyperlite has to offer! The 2015 Hyperlite Destroyer is a tech loaded beast! Starting with M6 hardware mounting, the Destoryer was able to shed a third of its depth, greatly reducing weight.

Based on the Murray and Marek Pro models, the Destroyer was built exclusively for Wiredsport thanks to our long standing partnership with Hyperlite. Other notable tech features include 4 removable fins to dial in your turning and control no matter your riding style. True step down edges provide unparalleled speed when carving into the wake. Looking for massive boosts off the wake?

The 3 stage rocker will take that low pop and turn it into an explosion. Simply put, the Destroyer will excel your riding to new heights! Profile: 3 Stage Hybrid Rocker A 3 stage rocker provides a stable platform and catch free riding in the flats while offering a flatter center to explode off the wake. Rail: Variable Edge Design A mellow edge under your feet that becomes sharper and cupped in the tip and tail provides catch free riding in the flats and aggressive edge hold when turning. Core: Bio2 Created with Dow Chemical for the right combination of swing weight and durability for recreational to advanced riding.

Laminates: Layered Glass Over time, traditional layered glass fibers separate. Hyperlite utilizes a layered glass construction allowing it to have the same pop off the double up year after year. Base: Enduro Helps to prolong the life of your deck without sacrificing the ride. This exclusive base is a blend of lightweight durable materials to help your deck last longer. It also has very similar characteristics to traditional materials behind the boat so you don't have to worry about a slow, draggy ride. Hyperlite Agent Wakeboard Bindings : The Hyperlite Agent binding is completely revamped for this season. From the bottom up the Agent is an all over killer, starting with Hyperlite's Low Pro Plate System. This minimizes material and flex between your foot and the board for better control and response. Moving up the binding Hyperlite created a super kush rear flex zone that makes entry and exiting the binding easier than ever! An all new EVA padded footbed provides maximum comfort and padding under the toe and heel without sacrificing response time or weight.

For added durability Hyperlite then added metal inserts in the mounting bracket to allow for better hold when mounting the binding and reducing wear. If you're looking to step up your game this year, the Agent binding is your binding! One size fits most foot sizes so the Agent wakeboard boot will accommodate nearly everyone in your boat or at the cable park. Fit: Speed Lace The quick lace single cinch lacing system allows you to quickly get in and out of these boots with a single pull of the lace.

The quick cinch locking makes dialing in and tightening them a breeze. Baseplate: Low Pro Plate System Hyperlite's Low Pro Plate System is one of the thinnest constructions on the market. This allows for a seamless transfer of power from your boots to your board while reducing weight as well. The 6 design means less power is lost in transition from boot to board!

Footbed: Dual Density A dual density foam footbed provides extreme cushioning while riding and landing airs, all while adding support in the exact places you need it. We want to help you find the perfect gear!

We have assisted over 1 Million enthusiasts in finding the ideal equipment. Tips On Finding The Perfect Wakeboard. As in many industries, there is an abundance of misinformation in the wakeboard world.

The following tips come from years of experience in the industry, and are designed to cut through some of the tech talk and misleading jargon. No one design element makes for a good board. Boards only work well when the elements of design are well integrated. For instance, were a friend to tell you, "you need a wide board,'cuz that's good for boosting big air", they would be doing you no favor. There are plenty of wide boards that are not good for aerials, and there are others that are not good for anything!

Many times, when an industry finds a "hot niche", the manufacturers race to produce that style of gear. It does not always add up to good performance. Elements, such as our timely example of width, must combine with other factors, such as edge shape and rocker, to provide a great combination.

This tip is related to the first. Centimeter "size", is a poor barometer of a board's overall character. The length is the only variable measured by this.

To put a finer point on it, a 138cm in one board, may be perfect for you, while the identical length in another board may be completely inappropriate. Factors such as width and wetted surface area make as much, if not more difference than length. The following are guidelines for what effect the individual design elements might have. " The curvy "banana shaped profile of your board.

Rocker generally may be viewed on a scale from "loose feeling" to stable feeling. The more exaggerated the arc, the looser the board feels. Conversely flatter boards tend to be more stable.

A great deal of rocker tends to slow a board down, while a flat profile tends to be faster. Some boards use a "constant rocker" and others somewhat of a "kinked" or "flat spot" rocker line. The latter tries to incorporate the best speed/maneuverability qualities of both rocker designs.

The shape of your board's rails or edges, whether sharp or rounded, has a profound impact on the tracking capabilities of the board. The sharper the rail (another term for the board's edge), the more aggressively the board will "bite" into the water. This results in improved acceleration, and overall speed. The downside of this, is the tendency for sharp rails to be "catchy". Remember, a sharp rail is always sharp, and is less forgiving than it's rounded counterpart. Beginners and flat water tricksters are well advised to look for boards with more "buttery" (rounder) rails.

To confuse matters even more, many manufacturers are producing boards with combination edges, that combine elements of both designs, in an attempt to achieve the best of both worlds. This refers to the often debated features that affect the wetted surface area of the board. Channels running lengthwise down the bottom of the board serve two functions. They provide additional traction against slipping sideways, and they accelerate the water flow beneath the surface, adding to overall speed. Boards with heavy contouring also tend to be a little less forgiving for surface tricks and wake slides.

Dimples, also referred to as phasers, speed bumps, etc. Are designed to break up laminar flow, or downward suction on the board from the water's surface. If you think of a dinner plate being set on a wet table, and the suction that is created, the principle is the same. The dimples break up the suction and, in theory, accelerate the board. In reality this does very little to effect performance positively or negatively. It is technology that was borrowed from the surfing industry, which largely dropped the concept about 20 years ago. A board's width affects it's speed, stability, and pop off the wake. Increased width can add stability, but detracts from a board's speed.

The greater the wetted surface area of a board, the more drag it produces. Drag is the factor which can most easily reduce speed. Width can also help get extra air by providing a broader surface to smack to wake. This will only be true, however, if the overall speed is still good.

If you are interested in getting big air from a wide board, make sure it has sharp rails and strong channels to help speed it up. As with width, length is less important than overall wetted surface area. Remember, the only portion of your board which can profoundly affect your ride, is the portion in contact with the water. Much of a board's length, depending on it's rocker line, may be out of the water. This portion has little to do with the board's feel.

Length is one of the most looked at, and most misunderstood elements, in board purchasing. Boards have become pretty darn light over the last few years. In general, light weight means a livelier feel underfoot, and quicker rotation in the air. This has traditionally come at the expense of durability. Recently, the gap between heavy and light has been greatly reduced by better manufacturing techniques.

Many experienced riders are choosing the most durable boards, and saving the extra half pound by eating a few less waffles. We are dedicated to your enjoyment... The item "New 2015 Hyperlite Destroyer Mens Wakeboard Package with Agent Bindings" is in sale since Wednesday, April 08, 2015. This item is in the category "Sporting Goods\Water Sports\Wakeboarding & Waterskiing\Wakeboards". The seller is "wiredsport" and is located in Gresham, Oregon.

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  • Brand: Hyperlite
  • Model: Destroyer
  • Country of Manufacture: China

New 2015 Hyperlite Destroyer Mens Wakeboard Package with Agent Bindings    New 2015 Hyperlite Destroyer Mens Wakeboard Package with Agent Bindings